Chemical manufacturer in China
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Recruitment position::Hazardous chemical warehouse manager
2 people
Zhuhai, Guangdong
Academic requirements:
Job Description: 1. Responsible for the work related to the hazardous chemical warehouse of the project;
2. Management of material warehouse and administrative stationery warehouse of property company;
3. PPE warehouse management, distribution, recycling, scrapping, etc.;
4. Responsible for the storage of all materials of the project;
5. Responsible for managing the entry and exit of project materials;
6. Responsible for the inventory of the project materials;
7. Handle other tasks assigned by superiors;
8. Other logistical work;
9. Must hold a hazardous chemicals management certificate.

Recruitment position:chemical equipment technician
5 people
Fuxin, Liaoning
Academic requirements:
high school
Job Description: 1. Responsible for the arrangement and layout of production equipment.
2. Responsible for the daily management of the use and maintenance of the production equipment and equipment to ensure the normal and stable operation of the equipment.
3. Check and guide the use and maintenance of the equipment.
4. Responsible for the management of equipment data ledger, special equipment management and inspection.
5. Responsible for the management of on-site maintenance and construction personnel to ensure the safety, quality and progress of maintenance and construction.

Recruitment position: EHS engineer
2 people
Zhuhai, Guangdong
Academic requirements:
Job Description: 1. Daily inspection, hidden danger investigation, production of inspection daily report
2. Contractor management, including qualification review of incoming operations, production of operation specifications, and supervision of operation processes
3. Plant personnel safety knowledge education and training - Level 3 education and training
4. Establishment and management of ERT system, daily ERT drills
5. Organize fire drills, and regularly conduct joint fire drills with the development zone
6. External supplier inspection, external competent authority inspection and correspondence
7. Regular scrap and disposal of factory scraps and non-fixed capital
8. Statistics of industrial accidents and disasters
9. Safety production training for on-the-job class chiefs
10. OHSAS 18001 system maintenance
11.ISO 14001 system maintenance. Hazard identification and risk assessment, environmental factor identification and assessment
12. Other work matters explained by the supervisor

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