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EHS(Environment, health and safety) Quality Management Systems

  While developing, the company pays special attention to environmental protection and governance, and adheres to the concept of safety first and environmental protection first. Strictly abide by laws, regulations, regulations and other relevant regulations and requirements related to environmental protection, and achieve 100% discharge of pollutants. To achieve clean production, the enterprise has passed the inspection and acceptance of cleaner production by the superior department and irregular random inspection and acceptance, and the pass rate is 100%. A blue enterprise that has been continuously recognized and evaluated by higher authorities. At the same time, we continuously improve the process, strengthen the regeneration and utilization of raw materials, and reduce the amount of waste generated in the production process. Implement 100% harmless entrusted treatment of waste. Equipped with a complete waste gas and waste water treatment system.

◇ Prevent serious injuries and fatal accidents;
◇ No fire and explosion accident;
◇ No major production operation, equipment damage, material running, environmental pollution, and other property loss accidents;
◇ Implement safety measures item by item, without harming human health or the environment;
◇ Promote the company's healthy, long-term and sustainable development.

◇ The company adheres to the people-oriented principle and attaches great importance to the health of employees. Fully implement the responsibility system for occupational health, safety and environmental protection;
◇ Ensure the normal operation and implementation of the system, effectively control and prevent pollution and accidents;
◇ Regularly organize employees to conduct occupational health training, health evaluation and physical examination. Establish and improve employee health records;
◇ At the same time, strengthen the training of employees' health awareness protection.

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